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Ewent EW1059 geheugenkaartlezer USB 2.0 Intern Zwart

3.5 inch Internal Card reader for your PC with USB port € 6,05 incl. btw € 5,00 excl. btw Ewent


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Ewent - Ewent EW1059 geheugenkaartlezer USB 2.0 Intern Zwart
Categorie Geheugenkaartlezers
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Generated PDF
Ewent EW1059. Compatibele geheugenkaarten: CF, Geheugenstick, MicroDrive, MicroSD (TransFlash), microSDHC, microSDXC, miniSD, miniSDHC, MMC,..., Kleur van het product: Zwart, Ondersteundende drive bays: 3.5". Soort aansluiting: USB 2.0. Snoerlengte: 0,4 m. Breedte verpakking: 155 mm, Diepte verpakking: 35 mm, Hoogte verpakking: 118 mm

Do you have a mobile phone, digital camera, a PDA or another device which uses a memory card? Access your photos, music, movies and other files fast and easy using the Eminent EW1059 3.5" Internal Card Reader.

Insert your memory card on the front side of your computer
You can now access your photos or other files easily on the front side of your computer using the EW1059. The solid metal 3.5" housing fits perfectly into an available 3.5 inch slot on your computer. The card reader comes with a black, silver and white/beige front panel to fit nicely with the colour of your computer.
The EW1059 is compatible with most common motherboards and is fitted with a power and a read/write LED indicator.

Supports common cards
This internal card reader supports:
- Magic store, Micro Drive, XD (XD, XD M Type),
- Smart Media (SMC, SM),
- MultiMedia Card (MMC,MMC 4.0,MMC HS, RS MMC,RS-MMC 4.0,RS-MMC HS, MMC mobile , MMC plus 200X),
- Secure Digital (SD,SD PRO,SD Elite PRO,SD Ultra, SD Ultra II, SD Extreme, SD Extreme III, SD HS 150X, SDHC), +MiniSD, MiniSD Ultra II, MiniSD SDHC, +MicroSD/T-Flash, MicroSD Premier, MicroSD Ultra II, MicroSD SDHC,
- Compact Flash (CF I, CFI WA,CF I Picture,CF PRO,CF PRO II,CF I Elite PRO,CF Ultra II,CF I HS,CF I Ultra II, CF I Extreme, CF I Extreme III, CF II),
- Memory Stick (MS, MS MG, MS PRO, MS Pro Extreme, MS Pro MG, MS Duo, MS Duo MG, MS Pro Duo, MS Pro Duo Ultra, MS Pro Due MG, MS Pro Ultra II, Ms ROM, MS Memory Select Function,MS Duo HS,MS PRO Extreme III,MS PRO HS,MS PRO Duo MG HS, MS M2/Micro).

USB connection up to 480 Mbps
Install the internal card reader into your computer and enjoy high file access rates up to 480 Mbps and transfer rates up to 3.5Mbps! The card reader is fitted with an internal USB connector to conntect to the motherboard of your computer.

Fitted with extra USB port
The EW1059 3.5" Internal Card Reader is fitted with an extra USB port. This enables you to connect any USB device to the front side of your computer! The card reader comes with screws and a screwdriver to install it into your computer.

Garantie: 5 years

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