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HP LTO TeraPack Dust Cover

LTO TeraPack Dust Cover € 14,48 incl. btw € 11,97 excl. btw HP


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HP - HP LTO TeraPack Dust Cover
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HP LTO TeraPack Dust Cover. Soort tape: LTO, Tape life: 30 jaar, Recording density: 525 kbit/duim. Materiaal: Metaal. Tape-maat: 1,27 cm, Tape-lengte: 960 m, Dikte tape: 5,6 µm. Leessnelheid: 360 MB/s

Because HP offers a comprehensive data protection portfolio for Hybrid IT, it understands the requirements for current and next generation LTO Ultrium tape solutions. In particular, the importance of media reliability in providing a long term home for archive data, as well as a final safeguard against natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts. HP TeraPack Media is designed to make certain that customers have the most reliable and automated tape storage solution available. Our approach places the emphasis on ongoing enhancements and features that simplify virtually all aspects of the media management process.


Reliable archival storage and restore
- Only the highest quality media becomes HP TeraPack Media. This makes certain you have the most reliable and worry?free data protection possible.
- HP TeraPack Media also undergoes a unique ‘Carbide Clean’ process to remove any trace of debris that may have originated during manufacturing or transportation, giving you additional peace of mind that your system will run at peak performance.
- Protect
- When combining HP TeraPack Media with HP’s Enterprise tape library integrated BlueScale® Encryption Key Management, your data is protected with a straightforward, easily installed solution.

Intelligence and Verification
- Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) allows you to proactively manage your tape inventory through simple monitoring of over 40 health statistics.
- HP TeraPack Media assures data integrity using an integrated, intelligent, and comprehensive set of Data Integrity Verification (DIV) tools to verify your data has been properly written to tape.

Ease of Management and Installation
- Media is customized with individual tapes unwrapped and pre?applied barcode labels bundled in TeraPack containers, ready for bulk loading. An optional dust cover is available for off-site storage in archive.
- TeraPack architecture utilizes 3D space within the library frame increasing density per square foot. Additionally, each robot operation can can move up to 10 tapes at a time.

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