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Lexmark 24Z0040 taal lettertype

C925 Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation € 474,50 incl. btw € 392,15 excl. btw Lexmark


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Lexmark - Lexmark 24Z0040 taal lettertype
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Lexmark 24Z0040

This card enables printing of the Kyocera PRESCRIBE data stream on Lexmark network printers.


Replace a Kyocera PRESCRIBE printer

The printer with this card is designed to be a replacement for a Kyocera printer where the Kyocera PRESCRIBE printer language is used. Supports only black and white printing.

Emulation support

Supports emulation of Kyocera Page Printers such as FS-600, FS-800, FS-1500, FS-1600, 1550, FS-1700, FS-1700+, FS-3700+, FS-6700 or FS-7000.

Evaluation and Test

Since Kyocera does not offer a single standard version of PRESCRIBE across all of its products, the emulation compatibility of this version is based upon testing with customer application test files in addition to an extensive set of engineering command-level tests.

It is important that a thorough technical evaluation and certification test be conducted with each prospective customer to determine whether or not this feature is applicable.

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